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Brian Kortbus

Lip Syncing Pipeline

   For a video game project at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), I was responsible for learning FaceFX on my own and implementing it into our art pipeline for character animation.

The steps:
1) A control object is mapped and animated in FaceFX to the audio

2) The control object is imported into Maya

3) A MEL script parses the data, condensing it to one animation curve

4) The data is baked into a utility joint on export to Unity

5) In Unity, part of a card manager script parses this animation and sets the active card as it changes. This script also controls hand card swaps.

Technical Projects

Maya Notes

   A note taking tool for Maya, Maya Notes is a 3D bookmarking notepad. When the user adds a new notes in the UI, the script will save the current camera and its position, the time range and the selection - this data is then loaded when the note button is pressed. Once created, the user may also add a URL link to each note or change the color-coded category tab.


All notes are saved within the Maya file, no external file is created.

UE4 Procedural Dungeon

   A blueprints project in UE4, I created a grid-based procedural dungeon system. The user has control over the grid dimensions, room definitions and placement (random or manual), as well as various settings to affect how the corridors are generated. While not shown in this video, the room definitions use a template room definition Actor and the user may swap out the meshes used for the dungeon.

UE4 Warp Transition Effect

   A Work In Progress Video, I created a material function for use in the spawning of objects, giving a warped-in effect. Cleaner video coming soon!

Mailbox Rig!

   A friend asked me for a mailbox rig to use in his class for some animation assignments, I might have gone a tad overkill. . . 

Features include:

 - Opens top and bottom

 - Tilt forward / backward

 - Tilt left / right

 - Twist clockwise / counter clockwise

 - Bend along Bezier Curve ( Show Bend controls ) 

 - Global Scale setting

>> Download Maya 2016 File Here <<

Facial Rig - Barbossa

   A quick rendition of Barbossa from Disney Infinity, I modeled and setup a facial rig with SDKs controls for creating facial expressions.

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